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EBRO ARMATUREN – Specialist for Shut-Off and Control Technology

Family Business with Great Know-how and Uncompromising Precision

EBRO ARMATUREN develops, produces and distributes industrial valves, actuator systems and the appropriate automation technology in more than 100 countries worldwide. The owner-managed family business with its headquarters in Hagen is still producing in Germany today. In addition to the product range around the butterfly valve, EBRO also offers the appropriate, energy-efficient actuator- and automation technology. The specialist produces its actuators itself – engineered in Germany. A separate business unit ensures the exact matching of valves, actuators and automation technology. “We don’t want any compromises, but excellent coordination of the components. That’s why we offer our customers everything from one source”, explains Managing Director Lydia Bröer.

From Hagen to the Whole World

EBRO ARMATUREN – A Success Story

EBRO ARMATUREN today is one of the world market leaders for the development, production and distribution of industrial valves and automation technology. From its headquarters in Hagen, Westphalia, it supplies customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Since its foundation in 1972, the company has built up a network of production sites, branches and subsidiaries. With more than 1000 employees worldwide, the company meets the highest demands on quality and efficiency.

The Right Valve for Every Application

EBRO – Industrial valves and Actuator Systems for Highest Demands

EBRO develops, produces and distributes industrial valves and automation technology. The product range includes series production and individual solutions for special applications. What all products have in common is that they are manufactured to exceptionally high quality standards. The result is a well-rounded, complete portfolio that meets all requirements in terms of energy efficiency and process engineering. With its selection of soft-sealing, PTFE and high-performance butterfly valves, EBRO covers almost every conceivable application.

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Since the company was founded in 1972, EBRO ARMATUREN has been developing, producing and selling shut-off, control and automation technology for industrial applications. More than 1,000 employees in three national and 30 international subsidiaries ensure that EBRO products are available in over 100 countries worldwide. Within the global network, production takes place at the headquarters in Germany and in Italy, Sweden, China and Thailand with uniformly high manufacturing and quality standards. In 2005 the Swedish manufacturer Stafsjö Valves AB was acquired and the product range was extended by an extensive portfolio of knife gate valves.

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BRÖER Group at a Glance – History


Company Founder Carl Bröer


The Second Generation: Jochen Bröer (left) and Peter Bröer


Historical Company Logo


The company’s origin is the aluminium foundry.


Historical Drawing of the Foundry


Valve Production in the 70’s


Test Stand in the Early Years


Since 1997: Headquarter of the Company


The EBRO Lug Type Valve in the 70’s with a First Generation Pneumatic Actuator.

BRÖER Group at a Glance | Company


Owner and CEO of the Company.


The Managing Family: Lydia and Peter Bröer.


Managing Director: Markus Schneider


The Headquarter of EBRO ARMATUREN in Hagen


Valves During Long Time Testing in the Technical Development Department.


No matter whether small or big: EBRO produces valves up to DN 2000.


High precision work: Die CNC-machining is an essential part of the production.


Quality Control on a Valve Body


The right start into business life: EBRO is engaged in educating young people and prepare them for future tasks.





BRÖER Group at a Glance | Products


Soft Seated Valve Z011-A INFLAS® with an Inflatable Liner.


Valve Technology from one Source: Valves, Actuators and Automation Technology.


EBRO Connect provides direct access to detailed status monitoring and parameterization of the valve unit.


EBRO Wafer Type Valve of the 70’s.


EBRO Lug Type Valve of the 70’s.


Made by EBRO: Wafer Type Valve with Pneumatic Actuator and Switch Box Unit.


Soft Seated Valve Z011-A INFLAS® with an Inflatable Liner.


Cycle Lock for the Discharge of Bulk Materials and Dusty Media with an Automation Unit for Aeration and Ventilation.


EBRO Impeller Valve for a Safe and Consistent Discharge of Rapid Flowing Products.

BRÖER Group at a Glance | Products and Applications


EBRO ARAMATUREN is one of the market leaders in the field of swimming pool technology from water treatment to water features.


Operators of biomass plants rely on EBRO valve technology.


Solids handling companies worldwide trust on EBRO valves and actuators.


On rails, roads and waterways: EBRO valves are used everywhere.

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