EBRO ARMATUREN Expands Management

Owner Family Bröer Transfers Greater Responsibility to Markus Schneider

Hagen, August 2020 – On July 1, the two Managing Directors Lydia Bröer and her father Peter Bröer appointed the head of “International Sales” -Mr. Markus Schneider- as Managing Director of EBRO ARMATUREN Gebr. Bröer GmbH. From now on the Managing Director will manage the company together with both of them.

Markus Schneider is pleased about this next step in his career in the company: “The trust placed in me by the family not only makes me proud, but also gives me additional motivation to continue to drive the success of the company forward.

Well Networked and Experienced

Markus Schneider knows the EBRO ARMATUREN company like no other. He learned there from scratch, has been with the company for more than 33 years and is highly valued by customers and colleagues. Born in Breckerfeld, he started his career at EBRO in 1987 with an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. After graduation he was taken on as a clerk in the export department. Five years later he was already responsible for the management of the department. In 2010, he was appointed the head of “International Sales”, and was granted power of attorney and accepted into the management.

The very well networked expert will continue to focus on international sales in the future. “Sales and export are my great passions, that is where I am still at home. But I am also looking forward to new territory, new challenges”, says Markus Schneider. And he still has a lot more to do: “We have achieved a lot in recent years, opened up new markets and developed innovative products, but the potential for EBRO is far from exhausted. There are still a few white spots on the map and some areas of application where we will develop the right solutions for our customers”.