Update of the status quo on the delivery performance of the BRÖER Group / 18.03.2020 – 01.00 P.M.

The current situation is a difficult and also frightening time for all of us. At the moment we are all thinking of our families and friends, especially of our elderly and health endangered fellow human beings..

Status Quo Delivery Performance of the BRÖER Group / 04.03.2020

Considered separately, a valve is a non-electrical device that does not have a potential ignition source of its own. However, when installed and working within an operating environment, valves are capable of becoming electrostatically charged and causing hot surfaces. Thus, ultimately, they can indeed be considered a potential source of ignition. For this reason, valves come under the scope of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/ EU. Issue: 2019/2020

Effective Protection or Cost Driven Safety?

Operators of a system that has been running safely for many years are sometimes ruluctant to change that system. However, reagrding safety and, more importantly, upgrading of their safety systems, they should not be complacent. Especially with regard to explosion protection, it is necessary that the protective measures be examined regularly and be adapted to the latest state of technology. This does not always result in higher costs. On the contrary, this frequently involves a process improvement at minimal costs. Issue: 2017

The perfect solution for PE/PP piping systems

It is common practice to chamfer the standard butt fusion around the diameter of the entrance during the installation of standard butterfly valves in plastic piping, so that the disc does not strike the pipe interior and can open completely. A compromise one does not have to accept when mounting the butterfly valve of type Z 414-A or Z 411-A. Issue: 1/2017

Clean Air for Moorburg

The energy site of Moorburg at the Port of Hamburg hosts one of the most modern hard coal-fired power plants in the world: as one of the leading electricity producers in Europe and operator of the plant, Vattenfall focuses on environmental protection and resource conservation. The flue gas desulphurisation system of the power plant was equipped with wet desulphurisation and innovative technology, in compliance with the provisions for large combustion plants. Issue: 2014