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 THE WORLD OF EBRO AND STAFSJÖ                                                                                                                                                       A FAMILY BUSINESS
 Unser internationales Netzwerk
 Our international network


 The  companies  EBRO  ARMATUREN  and  Stafsjö   line that results from the technology transfer between
 Valves  are  acknowledged  partners  to  the  interna-  the two companies. It has enabled us to keep pace   BRÖER GROUP
 tional  plant  construction  industry,  thanks  to  their    with the growing and changing market.
 mix    of    expert    consulting    services    and    a  highly    Offices
 developed product palette.  As  owner-managed  family  businesses,  both  Stafsjö
 and EBRO aim to achieve sustainable economic suc-
 EBRO butterfly valves and actuators fulfil the highest   cess.  Our  aims  are  based  on  long-term  objectives.   Niederlassungen
 demands  of  industrial  plant  construction  in  complex   That is why we are continuously investing in research   Repräsentanzen
 and  sensitive  applications.  For  many  years,  Stafsjö   and development on the one hand and in the technical
 has been one of the leading producers of high-quality   expertise of our employees on the other.
 knife-gate valves for the paper and pulp industry, wa-  EBRO ARMATUREN
 ter and sewage technology, biogas plants and other   Today we are already unbeatable where reliability is   Gebr. Bröer GmbH
 EBRO-272-ImagebroschŸre-Meerwasserentsalzung-engl-Pfade.indd   4  the prime criterion and where plant downtimes need to   07.09.10   15:45  Karlstraße 8  Reliable,  fast  and  flexible  –  for  over  four   Company  founder  Peter  Bröer  has  passed  on
 processing industries.
 D-58135 Hagen
 be avoided at all costs.    Headquarters:     Telefon  +49 (0) 23 31- 9040                                                             decades    these   core   values   of   a   family    responsibility to his daughter Lydia to maintain the con-
 The merger of the two companies in 2006 brought our   Karlstraße 8  Stafsjö Valves AB  +49 (0) 23 31- 904 111                          -run  firm  have  been  the  guarantee  for  lasting  suc-  tinuity and stability for the second generation. And our
 Ein Unternehmen der Bröer Gruppe
 customers  an  additional  level  of  cross-sector  exper-  This benchmark applies worldwide.  D-58135 Hagen  SE-618 95 STAVSJÖ        cess.  Short  chains  of  command  and  highly  mo-   long-term  investment  in  well-trained  employees  re-
 Aktuelle Adressen finden Sie unter
 tise, in practically all industrial applications. The Bröer   Phone  +49(0)2331-9040  Phone   +46 (0) 11 - 39 31 00                    tivated  employees  are  the  basis  for  the  EBRO    sults in consistently high-quality products.
 Group offers a complete and well-engineered product   Fax       +49(0)2331-904111  Fax    +46 (0) 11 - 39 30 67                        philosophy:  always  able  to  react  quickly  and
                                                                                                                                        flexibly  to  changes  in  products  and  markets.    Typically EBRO, in other words.

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