Our broad range of products includes valves, actuators and automation technology.

We are able to offer customized solutions for almost every industrial application. Due to our own production line of actuators and automation technology, the valves can always be equipped with the optimal fitting actuator. This is how an excellent matching of both components is guaranteed, which reduces the energy demand.

Series production is our business – the development of customized solutions for special applications is our passion. When a standard valve does not comply with the requirements, we develop a suitable solution in close cooperation with our customer.

Resilient Seated Valves - Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Thanks to their design and material diversity, centrally mounted, resilient seated shut-off and control valves are almost universally usable. Whether the medium is water, powder or gas - with a broad range of materials, we can offer you the optimal solution for your application.

Z 011-A

Resilient Seated Valve

A universally applicable wafer type valve manufactured acc. to EN 593.A wide range of standard materials offers the use in various applications.

Z 011-A therm

Wafer Type valve with integrated thermometer

A unique valve series with integrated thermometer for media temperature control.

Z 011-A Gas

For gas applications

A resilient seated valve designed for gas applications.Certified by DVGW .

Z 011-A Water

For potable water applications

Resilient seated butterfly valve especially designed for water applications. Certified by DVGW.

Z 011-B

Vulcanised Liner

A universally applicable butterfly valve with vulcanised liner according to EN 593. Available as wafer- and lug type version.

Z 011-AS

Light weighted aluminium version

A light weighted wafer type valve to be used in public swimming pools.

Z 011-GMX

Special Lining for abrasive media

The special liner of this wafer type valve is suitable for applications with abrasive media.

Z 411-A

Resilient Seated Valves

The reduced inner diameter of this wafer type valve is suited to be installed in PE/PP piping systems.

Z 611-A

Split body Design

Wafer type valve with 2-piece body and disc and shaft in one piece.

Z 611-C

Designed for the chemical industry

Wafer type butterfly valve for shut-off and control services in the chemical industry.

Z 611-K

Resilient Seated Valves

Valve with split stainless steel body for use in the food and beverage industry.

Z 011-S

Light weighted aluminium version in EBRO works standard

A light weighted wafer type valve is especially designed for water treatment plants in public swimming pools.