Knife Gate Valves for high pressure applications.

Knife Gate Valves for high pressure applications. HPT

Stafsjö’s high pressure knife gate valves HP, HPT and HX are all strenthened to withstand high bi-directional pressures. They are equipped with through-going "O" port gates and this secure a really safe and reliable shut-off of static and highly concentrated media. This shut-off performance, along with its excellent flow characteristics, makes them suitable for really demanding operating conditions with media as pulp (pulp concentration < 18%), liqour and highly concentrated slurry.


Nominal diameter:

DN 200 - DN 600


Stafsjö manufacturing standard

Flange accommodation:

EN 1092 PN 10
JIS B 2238 10K
ANSI B16.5 Class 150

Tightness check:

EN 12266-1:2012 Rate A

Max. Operating pressure:

DN 200 - DN 600, 10 bar


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