Our broad range of products includes valves, actuators and automation technology.

We are able to offer customized solutions for almost every industrial application. Due to our own production line of actuators and automation technology, the valves can always be equipped with the optimal fitting actuator. This is how an excellent matching of both components is guaranteed, which reduces the energy demand.

Series production is our business – the development of customized solutions for special applications is our passion. When a standard valve does not comply with the requirements, we develop a suitable solution in close cooperation with our customer.

Universally applicable Knife Gate Valve.

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve MV is used within many different fields of applications. The valve has a gate with a bevel edge that effectively cuts through different media. In closed position the gate is pushed onto the seat which gives a tight and reliable sealing. This special shut-off technique makes the MV valve suitable for both fluids and dry media such as pulp, sludge, biomass, powder and different kinds of waste.


Technical data

Nominal diameter:

DN 50 - DN 1600


Company standard

Flange accommodation:

EN 1092 PN 10
EN 1092 PN 16
Class 150
Class 150, Serie A
JIS B 2238 10K
AS 2129 Table D and E
BS 10 Table D


EN 19

Tightness check:

EN 12266 (Leakage Rate A)
ISO 5208 Class A


Hand wheel, ratchet wrench, chain wheel, bevel gear, pneumatic cylinder, electric motor, hydraulic cylinder

Max. Operating pressure:

DN 50 - DN 125, 16 bar
DN 150 - DN 300, 10 bar
DN 350 - DN 600, 6 bar
DN 700 - DN 1000, 4 bar