Our broad range of products includes valves, actuators and automation technology.

We are able to offer customized solutions for almost every industrial application. Due to our own production line of actuators and automation technology, the valves can always be equipped with the optimal fitting actuator. This is how an excellent matching of both components is guaranteed, which reduces the energy demand.

Series production is our business – the development of customized solutions for special applications is our passion. When a standard valve does not comply with the requirements, we develop a suitable solution in close cooperation with our customer.

High Performance Valves - Lug Type Butterfly Valve

High operating pressures and extreme temperatures - wherever other valves reach their physical limits, this series is the ideal solution. The double eccentric design of the valve disc, high-quality materials and outstanding workmanship ensure safety even in extreme conditions of use. Different sealing systems enable an optimal solution for the respective field of application.

HP 114

High Performance Valves

A high-performance lug type valve suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.

HP 114-E

High Performance Valves

High-performance lug type valve with 2-piece shaft and ANSI 150 Pressure/Temperature rating.

HP 114-C

High Performance Valves

High Performance Valve for the chemical industry.

HP 114-K3

High Performance Valves

Lug type butterfly valve in double-eccentric construction. Reliable sealing even with extreme temperature and pressure conditions.